Fascist Hootenanny in Denmark? Geert Wilders, New Dawn, Fellow Travelers may Dominate Bornholm Event……..

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“As many as 100,000 participants are expected to attend the Baltic sea island Bornholm event but this year’s first-ever attendence by far-right politicians will prove a challenge to Denmark’s tradition of openness and freedom of speech. The presence of Wilders – who has received scores of death threats over the years for his anti-Islamic views – will also mean a large security upgrade at the popular festival. The press freedom organisation, Trykkefrihedsselskabet, invited Wilders to speak. Georgios Epitideios, a former general and Golden Dawn member of the European Parliament, has also confirmed his participation. Golden Dawn, from Greece, is considered to be a neo-Nazi party. Epitideios was invited by ’The Danes’ party’, a small ultra-right party, which has no elected representatives at the national or local level. “We have chosen to debate, among other things, what we want in Europe. And it is natural to invite a party that is really big,” head of the party, Daniel Carlsen, told Berlingske Tidende. The news has already caused several politicians to cancel their participation…………………”

It looks like the crazies, the Euro-nuts, may take over that particular asylum at Bornholm, Denmark. Especially now that the most prominent speaker may be Geert Wilders, the Dutch anti-Islamic fellow traveler, fresh from the Texas conference that was closed by an act of Jihadi terrorism. His presence will certainly put Islam and Islamophobia front and center of the event. It should be one hell of a hootenanny in Denmark.  

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