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WTF: Serbia bans Alcohol in Parliament, GCC to Follow?………….

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Serb deputies drinking        They may look stoned out of their f–ing heads, but they’re stone sober.

The Serbian parliament has banned alcohol after media reports of excessive drinking, a top official said Friday. “The ban applies to every one without exception, from bringing in alcohol, to serving or consuming it,” Veljko Odalovic, the parliament’s secretary general, told the Tanjug news agency. “Both restaurants in the parliament will no longer serve alcohol, it is absolutely forbidden,” he added. The new rules included a ban on anyone who is drunk from entering the parliament. Some health officials here estimate that one in six people in Serbia have a drinking problem.………

Now for some Middle East legislatures to emulate these good Serbs. Especially on my Gulf. The Saudi rubber-stamp fully-appointed, anally-retentive Shoura Council should start by quitting the vast quantities of coffee and tea they imbibe at public expense. The rump Bahrain parliament (normally about 30% freely elected, now about 10% elected) can give up all that unhygienic kissing (of you know what and where). The rest of the Gulf, especially the Salafis and Muslim Brothers among them, can stop drinking any Vimto immediately. As for the Yemenis, there will always be some qat.

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