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El Wahhabi Cash in Terrorist Mule’s Knickers: Chopping Heads and Other Neat Things……

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“A woman who allegedly tried to smuggle €20,000 in her underwear to Syrian rebels hid the cash there because she wanted to keep it somewhere safe, the Old Bailey heard on Thursday. Nawal Msaad, 27, was caught with the large denomination notes rolled up and hidden in a condom as she prepared to board a British Airways flight in January to Istanbul from Heathrow. She was said to be acting as a courier for her friend, Amal el-Wahabi, who was allegedly trying to send money to her partner, Aine Davis, who was fighting with anti-government forces in Syria…………….”

I am not sure if the money this young lady was carrying in her knickers (a.k.a. panties) was for ISIS or FSA or Al Nusra or Al Farouq or Jaish Al WhatIsHisName or Ansar Al WhatIsHisArse or the Central Committee of the Arab Baath Socialist Party. One of them.
That is why one should never ever agree to carry on airplanes a package or a large amount of cash that are not his or hers. Never accept to carry any such thing for someone else, not even in your knickers or bloomers jockstraps or other attire be they boxer or brief or some weird hybrid thing.

One thing puzzles me about this British “partner” of the girl in question. If he is an Islamist Jihadi, how can he accept to live in sin as a partner to this woman? Unless she was a concubine (jariah). That might be it: he might have got one of his Salafi cleric pals to issue a fatwa declaring this woman a concubine, one of the Jawari conjugal partners the Jihadis are so fond of after a long day at the office blowing up civilians and chopping head and doing other neat things.


Mohammed Haider Ghuloum

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