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UAE: Ministry of Tolerance, Ministry of Happiness, Ganja, Ganja, Ganja……

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“New post of Minister of State for Tolerance created to establish tolerance as a fundamental value of the UAE society. A board of Emirati scientists, researchers and academics set up to provide scientific advice and knowledge to the government. The Ministry of Cabinet Affairs has been tasked with devising future strategies and will become the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future. New post of Minister of State for Happiness created to channel policies and plans to create a happier society…………”

Good and in fact cute idea to start with. But will this happiness idea include the overwhelming majority of the people in UAE (about 90%) who are citizens of South Asia, Philippines, Nepal, among other places?
All I can say about the “happiness” bit is that Timothy Leary is dead, but still: Ganja, Ganja, Ganja……

P.S.: now the Saudis feel under pressure to try and match this. They can probably appoint their first female minister: Ministeress of Beheading and Flogging and Crucifixion. As for a ministry of Tolerance, it might work in diverse UAE, but as for Saudi Arabia: forget about it. Tolerance is a truly dirty, and often dangerous, word in Riyadh: it can get one beheaded. The clerics say so.
Mohammed Haider Ghuloum
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Jihadists and Hashish? ISIS in Libya, Shabby Caliph in Raqqa…….

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“Attempt to smuggle hashish to Libya foiled. The Lebanese security forces stopped a drug-smuggling operation destined for Libya Monday. The Anti-Drug Unit of the Judicial Police thwarted an attempt to smuggle drugs out of Lebanon after being tipped off about the operation, the Internal Security Forces said in a statement. The police cooperated with Egyptian authorities to halt an illicit shipment of 3.5 tons of hashish from Lebanon to Libya transported on the ship “Mare Ta Queen.” The ship left Lebanese waters for Tobruk’s marina in Libya but was stopped by the Egyptians near the coast of Damietta. Egyptian authorities confiscated the illicit items……………”

Ironically, that illegal “stuff” might help them stop killing each other. I hear that you can’t be stoned and high AND angry at the same time. Even in Libya, even in Syria, and in the Caliphate.

The shabby Caliph Al (Samarrai) of ISIS would probably mellow down (or maybe ‘up’) if he and his cutthroats were stoned more often, and not just “high” on the sight of blood. All these uptight Wahhabi youth streaming through the Erdogan Kingdom of Turkey into Syria and Iraq. All these madenned Salafi Jihadis in Libya. All the rest of them, need behavior modification, something to cool them down and see the world from a “different” point of view.

Then there is the legend of the stoned ‘assassins’ and the man on the mountain……
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