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The Strange Turkish Russian Iranian Syrian Oil and Pistachio Deals with DAESH…….

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When news seeped out about ISIS/DAESH selling and exporting oil over a year ago, I suspected a Turkish connection, even though Western and Saudi/Qatari media claimed there were deals between ISIS and the Assad regime. After all, the weapons, volunteers, and possibly much of the money for the Jihadis in Syria flowed through the long Turkish border. And ISIS/DAESH controls areas along the border.  And there have been credible reports of cooperation between Turkish military and intelligence and the Jihadists in Syria. These days, when a terrorist or accomplices escape from a European country, they head for Turkey: that is the trailhead to lands controlled by ISIS.
Now the Russians have come out and said it openly, with claims of documentation. Iranian media have also carried and seemed to support the Russia claim.
The Turks could not be original, so what did they do? A day or two later they made their own claim of Russian-ISIS oil deals. I didn’t know Russian needed Syrian or Iraqi oil.
Wait, there is more. To make matters more entertaining, there are now reports on the social media of Turkish claims that Iranians also made oil deals with ISIS/DAESH. Tit-for-tat, since the Iranians seemed to support the earlier Russian claims. I didn’t know that the Iranians also needed Syrian or Iraqi oil. I had thought they spent the past few years trying to sell more of their own oil, not buy foreign oil from their Wahhabi enemies.
What next? Turkish claims of Iranian deals to buy Aleppo pistachios from ISIS? Iranian claims of Saudi oil deals with ISIS? Qatari claims that the Bahrain regime imports some of its nasty interrogators from ISIS? Oh, wait……….
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New Know-Nothing Party in the Land of Fruits and Nuts: Hindu candidate to Sneak Sharia into California………


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“GOP gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly launched a blistering attack accusing Republican rival Neel Kashkari of associating with fundamentalist Islamic law. “BREAKING: Neel Kashkari supported the United States submitting to the Islamic, Shariah banking code in 2008 when he ran” the taxpayer-funded federal bank bailout, a Donnelly campaign associate wrote on the candidate’s Facebook page Monday. “Shariah is ‘the seditious religious-political-legal code authoritative Islam seeks to impose worldwide under a global theocracy.’ This revelation is spreading fast, as people … refer to Mr. Kashkari’s support of Shariah an ‘October Surprise.'”………..”

Kashkari oversaw the TARP program in 2008-09, under George W Bush. Imagine, warning California voters that a Hindu will sneak the Islamic Sharia as the law of the land of fruits and nuts. This is like saying the Pope and Obama are both secret Muslims.
This is only one example. In several Red States, legislatures have passed or tried to pass rules to “protect the states against Islamic Shariah”. And I believe many of them are serious about it. This strong move to Know-Nothingness was bound to happen to the Republican Party. Its roots where set in place decades ago, in 1968 when Richard Nixon opted for the Southern Strategy to get elected. It has accelerated with the intensification of the culture war and the spread of America’s Muslim Wars. Other factors, including economic, judicial, and political have contributed in recent years to move the GOP to the extreme right (extreme by American twentieth century standards, from Teddy Roosevelt to Jimmy Carter).


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