Saudi Beheading Festival: Egypt’s Al Azhar, Respected No More, Praises Wahhabi Butchery………..

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“Clerics (sheikhs) of Al Azhar (not so shareef) stressed that Saudi Arabia has executed the laws of Allah (God, Yahweh, etc) on 47 “terrorists:” today, Saturday morning. They told Alarabiya (semi-official Saudi network)  that Saudis applied the Shari’a of Allah and applied the just punishment as God demanded………”

Al Azhar , whose not-so-grand sheikh was a functionary of Hosni Mubarak’s party and regime in Egypt before changing clothes, refrained from claiming that Allah (God, Yahweh) personally texted the Saudi King and expressed approval of the massive beheading executions (47 had their heads chopped off on Saturday). That included sheikh Al Nimr who was not involved in any terrorist activity. Except for calling for reform and democracy and equality in the blighted Wahhabi kingdom. Adding insult to injury, the bodies of those beheaded, including the heads, will NOT be returned to their families.

One thing is clear: the government-paid Egyptian sheikhs/bureaucrats of Al Azhar know where the money is, even if it is less these days than it used to be.

Other Arab regimes, especially those tribal autocrats on the Persian Gulf, banned any public criticism of the executions.
Mohammed Haider Ghuloum

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