Syrian Elections: Free World and Free Saudi Arabia and Free Qatar and a Future President Assad…….


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Ahmad Al Jarba, the Saudi-appointed head of the Syrian National Coalition, has insisted that the “free world” provide the Syrian opposition with the means to fight Bashar al Assad. But the “free world” is already supporting his coalition. Saudi Arabia and Qatar and a few other democratic members of the “free world” have been pouring money, weapons, and Salafi Jihadis into Syria for three years. You can’t get any freer than the princes and potentates. They are “free” to do whatever they want in their countries. They are free to loot whatever they want. They are free to silence, shut up, anyone they want, and they do.
How can Mr. Al Jarba claim that the “free world” does not support him and his allied groups and militias?
Meanwhile Mr. Al Assad, fresh from a new military victory at Yabroud, is reportedly getting ready to run for a third term as president this year. This no doubt will complicate things. And I am guessing he can win at least as many votes as Al Jarba can, actually much more. As I have written before, Syrians are divided. Anyway, tribal type candidates are not likely to win many votes in the major cities and in Western Syria in general.
Personally, I believe if an Assad must run, it should not be Bashar. Too much bloodshed during his reign, although some of it was spilled by the opposition as well. Little Hafez Al Assad (petit-fils) is probably too young to run. Which leaves Asma Akhras Al Assad as the only plausible candidate. I know she has no goatee (saksooka) and hence will not be easily acceptable to the Saudis. Why else do you think they repress their women so much?……….


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