On Al Sisi, Malaysian Airlines, Kim Jong Un, Al-Azhar and Chicago Voters………


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Some in Qatari media, and offshore media owned and those financed by Qatari potentates, keep trying to make mischief. They have been claiming that Generalisimo Field Marshal Al Sisi has hinted in Abu Dhabi that he may be able to solve the mystery of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. Some Egyptian politicians, terrified that Al Sisi may win the coming presidential elections by the typically Arab 99% of the vote instead of the expected and more respectable 80%, are pushing back. Others have noted that 99% still sounds pretty democratic, if compared to the 100% won last week by Kim Jong Un of North Korea. 

Some Al-Azhar cleric added a fatwa that: “Yes, it is possible to win 100% in a democracy. It is possible to win 105% in a democracy under certain circumstances. For example there are cases where the dead have been allowed to vote, and I am not talking about Chicago either………..“.


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