Palindromic Arab League Schedules a Gaza Meeting Soon, Sublime Porte Promises Self-Control………….


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My Cairo source reports that the Arab League has decided to declare that self-control is the best approach to the Gaza attacks. My source tells me that the Shaikh of Al-Azhar and former Mubarak crony, Ahmed Al-Tayeb, has consulted with the palindromic Saudi Mufti Shaikh Al Al Shaikh who consulted with palindromic Prince Saud Al Faisal Al Saud who informed him of the desires of the palindromic Sublime Porte of Riyadh to show restraint.
I have been told that the Arab League is divided between two strains, two parties if you will: the party of “let me at him, oh please let me at him (and her)” AND the party of “hold me back before I do something I’ll regret early tomorrow morning when I look at her face.

about the meeting next Saturday, a League official responded: “Saturday? I thought they favored Monday. By Monday we will know exactly what happened. We might even know what will happen. Hopefully. Besides, what is the rush? Both Gaza and Israel, er, the Zionist Entity, will still be there.
e was even overheard opining that Hamas will now know exactly where to spend the new Qatari money promised last week. Unlike the PA Ramallah authorities who are so befuddled that they prefer to spread the brotherly and sisterly aid money among various bank accounts.


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