Foreign Politics: How the Average American Can Become Smarter Twice……….


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There is a lot of talk about extremist groups, kooks, and fundamentalists collecting petitions for some states to secede from the American Union, i.e. the United States. Anyway, that is how most of the ‘mainstream’ media is labeling them, directly or indirectly.
One of my sources in a famous secession-prone Red State told me something strange. He swore to me that this secession, if it ever occurs, will be good for both ‘sides’: for the average American and for the seceding former citizens. He swore to me that it would make the average American noticeably smarter, practically overnight. He also swore to me that it would make the citizens of the seceding state(s) feel much smarter than before. I am still trying to figure it out, although I don’t even live over there. On the face of it, it seems to be good for everybody!

But I was also told that the seceding former citizens will sorely miss all the socialistic federal spending; may even negotiate keeping some of it as part of their secession deal. Sort of a deal sweetener, my source told me without explaining who will taste the sweetener.
Anyway, I plan to see “Lincoln” soon.


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