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Semantics of Love: Stonewalling, Procrastination, and OCD……..

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We stumbled easily, but not unpleasantly, into semantics…..:

So she countered (teasingly): Some people can have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) that is reflected in excessive Procrastination…...

I said: You are likely wrong….

She said: How so?

I told her (I thought boldly, maybe a bit harshly): Don’t confuse Stonewalling with Procrastination….

She said disarmingly (and this tugged at my heartstrings): Touché…….

(Another argument I lost, but I can rant about it)……

Mohammed Haider Ghuloum

Semantics: Dudes of America, Significant Worms of Arabia………

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People around here have been calling each other “dude” for years. Apparently its origins go back to men who dressed up fashionably, WTF that meant: perhaps “men in tights“. Now it can mean any schmuck, no matter how he dresses.

Hey, dud. No, dude. Common on, dude. Are you nuts, dude? Who is that dude?
What they don’t know is that calling someone a “dude” in Arabic can be a serious insult. As it should be. In Arabic, “dude” means “worm“, which is a good term to use on “dudes” but only selectively. You know, the things that crawl around, occasionally they can rule whole countries? Yep, that kind of ruling “dude”, dude. The Arab uprisings notwithstanding.
So, a dude in that sense can be either insignificant or significant.

FYI: one worm is “duda or dudah“. But two worms are NOT “dudah, dudah“, not even if you sing them. Seriously, lol.

Mohammed Haider Ghuloum

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