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Is Cristina Fernández Being Framed? from Debt Default to Charges of Terrorism……….

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“The draft of an arrest warrant for Argentine President Cristina Fernández was found at the home of a prosecutor who was investigating the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires, the New York Times reported on Tuesday, citing the lead investigator. Prosecutor Alberto Nisman had drafted a warrant that accused Fernández of trying to shield Iranian officials from responsibility in the bombing, according to the report. Nisman died on Jan. 18, a day before he was due to appear in Congress over his claims that Fernandez conspired to derail his investigation……………”

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was not anywhere near office or politics in the 1990s. We are talking 21 years ago, which makes one wonder why no progress in the case over that time, across all these previous administrations in La Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires? Why now?
Cristina Fernández has ruffled some mighty international feathers lately. She has had issues with powerful international bankers, and powerful governments that serve them, over Argentina’s debt (the Argentine bond-holders didn’t do so badly, after all). She is accused by her foes and some U.S. media of conspiring with Iran to cover up a 1994 terrorist incident. She also removed the top leaders of the domestic intelligence service, SI, last December.

Or, worse, she is being insinuated into a conspiracy behind the death of Alberto Nisman. Mr. Nisman was Jewish and the attack was on a Jewish Center, which evokes memories of buried old Argentine Anti-semitism and Adolph Eichmann and no doubt other Nazis who managed to obtain or purchase sanctuary after World War II. Oddly, the draft warrant also mentions the arrest of a co-conspirator: Foreign Minister Hector Timerman who is also Jewish and former human rights activist (like his famous father Jacobo was).

One suspicious thing: reports say they found the ‘draft’ arrest warrant in his trash bin. Imagine: what kind of an assassin would leave such document (accidentally on purpose) in a trash bin, or drop one in a trash bin! The first place police investigators would look. Only someone who wants it to be seen and read would do that. Something is not kosher here, not even halal, and forgive the deliberate pun.

The plot thickens. Or better yet: the plots thicken……..
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