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Trump’s Seminal Nonsensical Riyadh Speech to Muslim Sunni Potentates and Despots to go K-12 ?……

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There are unverified reports that President Donald Trump’s sectarian speech in the Saudi capital Riyadh last week will be edified and made into an integral part of modern Wahhabi history.

The unverified say Trump’s nonsensical but seminal speech to the Wahhabi and Muslim Sunni potentates and dictators on Islam (or was it on Iranian roots of Wahhabism? or maybe it was on money, as in $460 billion? or Alibi-for-Jihadi-terrorists speech?) will be taught at all schools in the kingdom, K-12.

It will be published, allegedly, in a booklet, with the following picture cover that was inspired by the witches scene in Macbeth—–>

It is just something to consider. Oh, and my reporting source is not necessarily credible. Not yet……

More on this later……

Mohammed Haider Ghuloum