Hypocrisy and Denial in Egypt: Banning “Normalization” with Israel…..

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Da Nile is a river in Egypt…….
Denial is a river in Egypt………

The Egyptian elite, in both media and politics, are becoming more ridiculous by the day. Ridiculous and hypocritical: almost a national characteristic now, more so than, say in Saudi Arabia. An occurrence last week serves to illustrate this:

Egypt has ‘normal’ diplomatic relations with Israel, the type of relations that it does not have with some other Muslim countries, like Iran. There is an Israeli embassy and an ambassador in Egypt, as expected. Egyptian officials often receive pro-Israeli American delegations (congressional and otherwise) and re-assure them of the ties between Egypt and Israel. Many Egyptians work in Israel. Yet the Egyptian elite pretend otherwise to their own people.

Last week a member of the Al Sisi parliament, a Mr. Okasha, hosted the Israeli ambassador at his home, and a photo was published in the media of the event. This caused an uproar in the media and in parliament, whose members denounced this “normalization” of ties. They voted to kick the guilty member out, so Mr. Okasha was declared a non-member. Regardless of the votes of his constituency.

In a country that welcome the exchange of ambassadors, and whose officials regularly meet with Israeli officials. So in that case, why not kick the government out (if they can, which they can’t) and risk losing billions of foreign aid?

What hypocrisy…..
Mohammed Haider Ghuloum

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