Free Syrian Salafi Army: Under New Management Again?……..

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I use a telltale sign in avoiding restaurants and some other businesses. Whenever I see a large sign over a restaurant that promises: “Under New Management“, I know I should stay away. The larger the sign, the more certain I am. Ditto for other businesses.

Which brings me to the so-called Free Syrian Army (which I originally and presciently dubbed Free Syrian Salafi Army from the beginning in 2011). Of Course some senators and Arab oil princes have never stopped pushing the idea of this FSA, even as it was sinking deeper into irrelevance. They are still pushing for it, even as it has been “Under New Management” several times in the past four years.

Now they, the Arab princes and their Senate pals, want a yet newer iteration of the same old stale now-defunct Free Syrian Army. They want a no-fly zone which the United Nations will never agree to after the NATO deception in Libya. And they want boots on the ground from countries that created, fed, armed, and wed ISIS (ISIL, DAESH). And they want boots on the ground from countries that have no boots to put on the ground. Arab countries that need to rely on imported foreign mercenaries to keep their own peoples repressed.
Can you repeat the same mistakes and expect better results? Miracles do happen………
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