Death Penalty: Oklahoma Seeks Revival of Gas Chambers, Eschews ISIS Methods and Sharia………

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“Facing dwindling supplies of lethal injection chemicals and increased legal scrutiny of the practice, some states are considering a return to antiquated execution methods like firing squads and gas chambers — and Oklahoma is considering using a new type of gas. But experts warn the problem with both new and old methods is the same: They may violate the Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment………… Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court delayed execution for three Oklahoma prisoners while it reviews the state’s protocol. In response, Oklahoma legislators recently advanced bills that would authorize “nitrogen hypoxia” — which causes death by depleting the oxygen supply in the blood — as a gas chamber alternative to poisonous hydrogen cyanide gas……….…”

Europeans decided some time ago to ban exports of lethal chemicals to those God-fearing American states that use them too kill convicts who are unfortunate enough not to afford good lawyers. That was after the Europeans realized what they were being used for. As a result some of these states have been scrambling desperately, experimenting with various drugs to find the best killers, experimenting on the convicts. At least a couple of them took a long time to die in pain. Cruel and (mostly) unusual punishment. Hence the idea of reviving the mini gas chamber. After all, it worked in Europe in the early 1940s.

While at it, why don’t the mostly good people of Oklahoma try to save money by using the economies of scale. Why not erect a larger gas chamber that can hold, say, ten people. They can rent out space to other states that also fear God and like to execute people who can’t afford good lawyers. Then they can put up a paraphrased old sign at the entrance to the chamber: Tod Macht Frei

Dare I suggest using beheading as done in Saudi Arabia and the Islamic States of the Caliphate? I do, although these are states that are so terrified of Allah and Sharia they have passed measures to protect themselves……

FYI: the Death Penalty, Capital Punishment, should be banned in the US and elsewhere, just as it is banned in Europe and Latin America. Certainly crime rate, especially murder, has not responded “positively” to executions.

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