Saudi Justice: Chopping Hands for a Small Theft While Ignoring Billions Stolen……….

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“Saudi authorities on Monday severed the hand of a Yemeni national convicted of repeated theft, under the medieval interpretation of Islamic law enforced in Saudi Arabia. A court had ordered the amputation of Ibrahim Abdulrahman Hazbar’s right hand after convicting him of a “series of thefts,” the interior ministry said. The punishment was carried out in the western city of Mecca, home to the holiest sites in Islam. US-ally Saudi Arabia implements a wide range of brutal punishments, including flogging, hefty fines and exaggerated prison sentences, for minor crimes……………”

This sounds fair and square. You rob a few Rials, get your hand chopped, especially if you are a poor Yemeni or another foreigner. The princes and princelings steal and embezzle and expropriate billions of public property, and it is okay. It goes with the job of being a prince and a potentate.

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