When a PLO Representative Dissembles for Hamas………

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Speaking of Hamas and Israel. Saeb Erekat of the Palestinian Authority was on MSNBC this morning. He was asked about potential Israeli negotiations with Hamas and its refusal to recognize the existence of Israel. He responded by claiming that: Hamas is part of the Palestinian government, “the PLO, as he put it”. Since PLO recognizes Israel, therefore so does Hamas. No problem there, is there? Clearly that was bullshit; even Erekat himself did not look to believe what he was saying. Once the dust of this Gaza battle settles, there is no certainty that Hamas and the PLO will be on speaking terms. Not if the Saudis and Generilisimo Field Marshal Al Sisi have anything to do with it.

Just to make the point that dissembling is part of the war. This does not justify the destruction and massacres being committed against the Palestinian civilians of Gaza by the Israeli IDF (which is not exactly very ‘D’ these days).

Mohammed Haider Ghuloum

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