Foreign Marriage and Polygamy and the Frustrated Single Wahhabi……..

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“The official said Saudi men have been prohibited from marrying expatriate women from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Chad and Myanmar. According to unofficial statistics, there are about 500,000 women from these four countries currently residing in the Kingdom. Official sources said Morocco has made it conditional for Saudis wishing to marry Moroccan women to provide clean criminal records. The sources said Moroccan authorities also require applicants to provide written consent from his wife if he is already married……….”

Saudi authorities also now require for any citizen wising to marry a Moroccan woman to provide a criminal record of the woman, to prove that she has no dangerous crimes and illegal drugs in her past. The Moroccan, for their part, require that a Saudi man who is already married must provide her approval to his marriage of a second Moroccan wife.

Life is getting tough for sexually repressed and frustrated Saudi men. They are banned by their own government from marrying the nationalities mentioned above, and it has been made hard for them to marry Moroccan women. The Moroccans also have their own requirements. They are also required to get approval of the Wahhabi authorities before they can marry any foreign woman, even if the marriage is done outside the country, even on Mars.

It is a good thing for them that Generalisimo Field Marshal President Al Sisi has not come around to restricting the summer marriages many vacationing Saudi men have with Egyptian women, nor has he cracked down, yet, on dirty older Saudi men marrying underage Egyptian child brides.


Mohammed Haider Ghuloum

[email protected]