Egypt: Regime Charges Morsi with Murder, Treason, Espionage, Witchcraft, Rape, Smuggling, Terrorism, Piracy, etc……


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“Egypt’s interim government and the Muslim Brotherhood traded fresh blows Wednesday, with the prosecutor general announcing serious new charges against deposed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi and the Brotherhood declaring a boycott of next month’s vote on a new constitution. The developments appeared to harden the months-long standoff between the army-backed administration and followers of Morsi, a confrontation that has left thousands of Brotherhood members dead or in jail and harmed the international standing of the government that supplanted his rule. The new charges against Morsi, which could conceivably carry the death penalty, include assisting in terrorist acts and espionage ………….”

The current rulers of Egypt are laying it on thick. They are throwing everything but the ‘kitchen sink’ at Mohammed Morsi, and the kitchen sink may be next.

In some countries they would arrange for a deposed leader to “commit suicide” or to appear to commit suicide. That is what the brutal military junta did in Chile for elected President Salvador Allende after their coup d’etat. In other cases they arrange for him to escape and shoot him while trying to escape. Others arrange helicopter crashes for him.

Egyptians don’t have a history of murdering their deposed leaders; they usually send them into exile or put them under house arrest. They used to be more benign coup-makers. Yet deposed President Morsi might be a first: the military rulers seem intent on hanging him, with all these absurd frivolous charges they keep inventing. They keep adding new charges every few months to the list of crimes he is alleged to have committed, the worst of which is probably getting elected.



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