One Syrian Defense Minister Quits, Hints at Funny Funding Issues……..


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“The Syrian opposition’s defense minister has resigned after reports of disagreements with the group’s head, opposition sources said on Monday. Dissident Asaad Mustafa’s resignation from the government-in-exile highlights divisions among President Bashar al-Assad’s opponents. Mustafa, in his sixties,had been appointed to his post in November as part of a plan by the opposition National Coalition to administer rebel-held areas of the war-torn country, according to Reuters news agency. A rebel source close to Mustafa told Reuters he resigned on Sunday night to protest a lack of funds for his fighters from Coalition head Ahmed Jarba…………………”

“leader” of the Syrian opposition bites the dust. This five-star ‘defense minister’ of the Turkish border has also resigned, or possibly booted out. These schmucks can’t run an opposition movement, they can’t lead fractured multiple opposition movements: how will they ever unite and rule one Syria? In the unlikely event that Syria is “liberated” by NATO forces, the Western powers will need to be the actual rulers behind the scenes. Perhaps a Syrian Marshal Petain covering for a French overseer. Or maybe they will appoint a Saudi prince as king of Syria. Cheersmhg

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