Human Trafficking: Iraqi Parliament about to Legalize Islamist Pedophilia………


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“Iraq’s Council of Ministers should withdraw a new draft Personal Status Law and ensure that Iraq’s legal framework protects women and girls in line with its international obligations. The pending legislation would restrict women’s rights in matters of inheritance and parental and other rights after divorce, make it easier for men to take multiple wives, and allow girls to be married from age nine. The draft law, called the Jaafari Personal Status Law, is based on the principles of the Jaafari school of Shia religious jurisprudence, founded by Imam Jaafar al-Sadiq, the sixth Shia imam. Approved by the Council of Ministers on February 25, 2014, it must now be approved by the parliament to become law……………….”

will be a crime against humanity because it will legalize and enable many multiple crimes of pedophilia in Iraq. Child marriage is a barbaric practice and a crime against humanity and it robs the victims of their childhood. It is an act of human trafficking, since the ‘bride’ is too young and has no power of decision and is effectively sold by her male guardian. Some Muslim states are hesitant, nay are afraid to enact laws against child brides, because of something that allegedly happened about 15 centuries ago. But that was then, this is now.


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