Journalists and Syria’s Liberator-Kidnappers………


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A Kenny G Holiday

“Thirteen international news organizations, including the BBC, The Associated Press and The New York Times, have written a letter to the armed opposition in Syria asking for assurances that their reporters will not be abducted. Over the past year, the letter says, the organizations have “witnessed a disturbing rise in the kidnapping of journalists while on assignment within the northern provinces of Aleppo, Idlib and al-Raqqa,” and elsewhere in Syria. The organizations estimate that more than 30 journalists are now being held, the letter said, and that as a result many of them have “decided to limit their coverage of the war.”…….. “We understand that, as in any war zone, reporters face great risk of injury and death,” the letter says, “and we accept those risks, but the risk of kidnapping is unacceptable……………….”

What a polite letter to the Jihadis. They
worry about the risk of kidnapping. The risk of being shot and getting
beheaded is apparently not so bad.

more than two years Western media ignored the role of the Syrian opposition groups in the deaths and kidnappings of journalists and other civilians. Headlines were given only to journalists who were killed by regime forces; some others were killed by “unknown” parties and blamed on the regime. The major media fell in line with government policy in such a smooth transition that the old Pravda would have envied, that the Syrian daily Tishreen would envy. But that could go on for only so long, especially now that kidnapping rather than ‘liberation’ seems to be the major avocation of some of the armed groups. They re even kidnapping each other now, including each others’ wives.


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