The Good Principled Islamists of Hamas Reverse Gear, Again………


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“Iranian financial aid to Hamas seems to have renewed after the meeting, making it a pivotal turning point in Hamas’ attitude towards the Arab Spring, and to the civil war and Syria specifically. Since war broke out in Syria over two years ago, Hamas leadership chose to stand by the rebels and against Bashar Assad’s regime; subtle at first, Hamas later publicly protested the massacre the Syrian president had committed against his country’s civilians. Meanwhile, Hamas leader left Damascus and spread out in different Arab countries, including Qatar and Egypt, and it was often reported the Palestinian group is taking an active part fighting with the rebels and against Assad. Hamas turning its back on Syria – and by proxy on Iran and Hezbollah – didn’t come without consequences. In Tehran and Dahiya, connections with the group were severed and financial and arms support were ceased. Since then, Hamas leadership realized, it seems, it put its money on the wrong horse…………..”

So much for the fixed Islamist ‘principles’ of Hamas. It has been known for a few weeks now that Hamas has reversed gear, again, back into the Iranian-Syrian-Lebanese-Iraqi(?) axis. But that is okay. The Fatah oligarchs of Ramallah and Abu Dhabi will also gladly join the Iran-Syria-Lebanon axis if their other financial sources dry up. The Palestinian leaders have the usual things in common with other Arab leaders: greed and corruption. Oh, and they avoid elections.
Strange how Hamas operatives were reportedly putting out word only a few months ago that their men were helping the Syrian rebels in battle against the Damascus regime. I had my doubts about that claim, I still do. Now, is it possible they might join Hezbollah fighters in supporting Bashar Al-Assad in battle?


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