UAE Shaikhs Trying to Censor American Media……..


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“Authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are making transnational attempts to shut down a site belonging to the United States’ largest Arab-American newspaper, al-Watan. The UAE’s Telecom Regularity Authority has sent a letter to’s German hosting company demanding the site be shut down, alleging that it is owned by the ‘Global Muslim Brotherhood Union’. The site’s founder Nezam Mahdawi denies this, claiming that they are being targeted due to reporting of human rights violations in the UAE……………..”

They charge the newspaper of being part of a ‘Global Muslim Brotherhood Union’, whateverthefuck that is.These Abu Dhabi shaikhs must think they can buy their way through anything. And why not? they see that the Western governments would do anything for money, for fat contracts. They can see that all the Western talk of freedom and democracy in the Middle East applies only to regimes that are not friendly to the West. They can see nobody that talks of liberating the UAE and Saudi Arabia and Bahrain from their despots.
I suspect they may have been behind past attempts to block rival Middle East television networkst.


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