Bibi Netanyahu Joins Cartoon Network in Germany………..


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“German daily Stuttgarter Zeitung published a caricature of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as he poisons the dove of Middle East peace. According to the drawing, the prime minister is spilling poison from a bottle marked “settlement construction” onto a peace of bread, as the dove stands next to him, holding an olive branch in its mouth. In early July, the Munich-based Süddeutsche Zeitung, a daily newspaper, published a caricature criticizing Germany’s military aid to Israel. “Germany presents” the drawing’s subheading read, elaborating: “For decades Israel receives arms, sometimes for free. Israel’s detractors believe Israel to be a voracious Moloch. Peter Beinart condemns this situation.” Beinart is a liberal Jewish professor and journalist known for his critical stance on Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. …………….”

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