Liberated Egypt: Military Junta to Start New Kangaroo Courts………


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“Egypt announced a criminal investigation on Saturday against deposed Islamist president Mohamed Mursi, with prosecutors saying they were examining complaints of spying, inciting violence and ruining the economy……………..”

This is becoming like a kangaroo court, complete with show trials. Call it revenge of the Mubarak feloul, fully paid by Gulf petroleum princes and shaikhs. They plan to try him for espionage, apparently spying for some foreign party. You’d think they were talking about General Sisi. They also plan to try him for economic crimes.
The military junta does not see the irony here: the Egyptian military controls so much of the economy, from industries to land and agriculture, that they had more influence on the economy that Mohammed Morsi did. If anybody should be tried for messing up the economy, it should be both of them.


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