Egypt Upside Down: Mubarak’s Military and Mubarak’s Courts to try Morsi for Escaping Mubarak’s Prison ………..


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“Prosecutors will investigate allegations that Egypt’s ousted president escaped from prison during the 2011 revolution with help from the Palestinian militant group Hamas, officials said Thursday. Chief prosecutor Hesham Barakat has received testimonies from a court in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia that will be the base for an investigation by state security prosecutors into the jailbreak by Mohammed Morsi and more than 30 other Muslim Brotherhood leaders, according to the officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media..…………….”

I have suspected that the military junta would never release Mohamed Morsi. Coup leaders usually have three alternatives for legitimate leaders whom they overthrow: (1) Death as in the case of Allende in Chile (1973) or the Hashemite royal family of Iraq (1958) or Lumumba in the Congo (1961); (2) Exile as in the case of the bloodless coup by Nasser and Naguib in Egypt (1952), Juan Peron of Argentina (1955), and many others; (3) prison or house arrest, as in the case of Mossadeq of Iran (1952), Naguib of Egypt (1954), and Morsi of Egypt (2013). Among others.
Morsi looks like he is headed for prison or house arrest. Most likely prison, unless he accepts to go out into foreign exile. The military junta and the Mubarak-istas would love for him to accept foreign exile, but he probably will refuse because it might absolve them of the coup (which might be considered a crime against the people at some future date). After all, Morsi was elected legally.
That is why they seem to be planning to charge him for escaping from Mubarak’s prison during the uprising of January-February 2011. Imagine, a post-Mubarak revolutionary regime charging him for escaping the dictator’s prison during the revolution. Except that this latest regime in Egypt is a Mubarak regime in almost everything but in name (and its alliances).
So, Mr. Morsi is now back under arrest by Mubarak’s military, one year after he was elected president of Egypt.


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