Proverbs: Yiddish Asses, Arab Donkeys……………….


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If one man calls you an ass, pay him no mind. If two men call you an ass, go buy a saddle.”
Yiddish proverb. Allegedly, according to this article here.
Which also goes on to expand helpfully that: “Jackasses: We all know them. None of us can stand them. But what if “them” is “us”? Here’s a short guide to help you walk through the jackass self-assessment process………...”
In the Middle East there is an Arabic saying that one of my teachers used to repeat (not to me, honestly, mostly to some other student): “Kithr el-tikrar be’allim elhomar, كثر التكرار، بيعلّم الحمار: Repetition will teach even a donkey (even an ass)”
I think he was right, in most cases, although now I know it was an insult to many fine reasonable donkeys.
Even Arab governments may start learning at some point. Not yet.


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