Jackasses of the Middle East: Agents Provocateurs of Upper Egypt……..


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Another jackass starts a war. A district in Minya in Upper Egypt was the scene of a dispute that erupted into a deadly battle. The battle was caused by an ass (of the donkey variety) trespassing family farms without permission. As a result a gun battle ensued between two families in adjacent villages in which a cattle trader and a farmer were killed and three others wounded. Three cattle barns were also burned. Investigation showed that the dispute was started when the unnamed ass (donkey) trespassed the farmlands of Ali and consumed a quantity of fresh feed. Ali got pissed and started a fight with Mohammed who called his relatives for help. Thus ensued the violent incident.
I know I have not posted much on asses (donkeys) lately, even though I am partial to the four-legged variety. I am also quite familiar with the two-legged asses (donkeys) even though I am not fond of them. We have plenty of both in our region, and this statement should not be taken as a comment on anyone in Syria or Bahrain or Saudi Arabia or even Jordan and Lebanon.
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