Tzipi Livni’s Sex: Intimacy with Arab Leaders, Scientific Shaikhs, and the Secret Fatwas……….


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                         Neck of the woods                    No. Highly unlikely

“A leading Egyptian daily falsely claimed that former foreign minister Tzipi Livni conducted sexual relations with Arab officials during her years as a Mossad agent in an attempt to entrap them, and used what it said was a 2009 interview with The Times of London as ostensible proof. The article in Al-Masri Al-Youm, an independent and widely read Egyptian daily, was headlined: “Livni: I had sex with Arabs in return for ‘political concessions.’” It featured prominently in the paper’s Saturday print edition and was still leading its website on Sunday afternoon. The article went up on Al-Masry Al-Youm’s website Friday night and was its most widely read story over the weekend. It had garnered 20,000 Facebook shares and 1,800 tweets as of Sunday morning, and was quoted extensively in Egyptian and Arab media. Sources close to Livni told The Times of Israel that “this report is ludicrous and crazy.” Needless to say, they said, the story was without foundation. “There are apparently those who fear Livni’s return to politics, where she will strengthen Israel’s standing domestically and internationally,”
the sources said………………”

The idea that Tzipi Livni slept with Arab politicians and leaders in exchange for information and other benefits is taking hold in Arab media and in the wild Arab imagination. Sexual repression does lead to wilder imagination. I think secretly she must be considered to be still “hot” among some of the region’s potentates and opinion makers (hey, it’s a matter of personal taste).
The normally not excitable Al-Quds Al-Arabi headlined an article today (November 10, 2012):
“Arab leaders in Livni’s bed”. The piece quotes a London Times interview in which she allegedly admitted having used sex against (or is it with) Arab leaders and scientists. It seriously wonders which leaders were among the chosen (or is it ‘targeted’) ones.
Personally I don’t know if Tzipi Livni slept with any Arab potentates for her country. As for ‘scientists’ I can’t think of any scientific information that we in our region have that the Israelis need. Oh, don’t get me wrong, we have a lot of information, but I was talking of the ‘useful’ kind. Most of the ‘scientists’, especially in the Gulf region, are called “ulema” which also doubles as clerics or religious shaikhs (or scientists). BY that measure, any Mufti or Imam is a “scientist”.
Maybe they gave Tzipi information about how they reach their famous secret fatwas that make no sense to anyone else, especially me.

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