Saudi Activist Goes Mad, Claims All Princes Want Democracy, Wants Future King Tried………………


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A known Saudi activist is reported to have gone mad, gone plum crazy as some would say around here. If the report in al-Quds Al-Arabi is true, if. Abdullah al-Hamid is quoted to have declared that most member of the Al-Saud ruling family support the idea of converting the absolute kingdom into a constitutional monarchy. He claimed that also included the king. He is also quoted as calling for the new interior minister Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef to be tried. He has called for a retrial of all those who were victimized by secret trials.

I call him plum crazy only because he seems to entertain the delusion that the king and most princes want a constitutional monarchy. His other proposals of retrials of victims and the trial of some princes are fine as far as I am concerned. The more (that are tried) the merrier. He could also be eventually committed as crazy for suggesting that the interior minister, probably the most important Saudi prince, be tried. Mohammed Bin Nayef, who controls the “police” part of the Saudi police state, is most likely to become the king of Saudi Arabia within the next few years. King as well as Custodian of the Cave of the Four Thousand Thieves that was exposed by Ali Baba

Of course, it is possible he just being clever, too clever. FYI: he is disputing some of claims made by al-Quds Al-Arab about him.

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