U.S. and Canada Bust New Iranian Cheese Plot, Netanyahu Demands War…………………….


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“Canadian and US authorities have busted a cross-border cheese smuggling ring that brought Can$200,000 worth of mozzarella into Canada undeclared and without paying duties. Four men, including two Canadian policemen, were foiled in the caper to also distribute the dairy products — as well as chicken wings and pickles — to pizzerias and other restaurants in southern Ontario for an estimated profit of Can$165,000, Niagara Regional Police said. They each face several charges including conspiracy, smuggling and breach of trust. A conviction carries fines and possible jail time. Constable Derek Watson told AFP: “Most people have been chuckling about the arrests (in online postings), but the (police) chief is taking these crimes very seriously.”………..”

I have been told that it was Bibi Netantyahu who turned them onto Iran as the possible culprit, the possible mastermind behind this. Bibi, as usual, shot from the hip, before aiming. It was a Hail Mary aimed at Ahmadinejad and it was caught: a lucky Hail Mary thrown by a Jew toward a Muslim. It was all logic, he told the Americans and the Canadians. The Iranians have been behind so many plots, so many disasters, that this one must be of their making. Anyone who hires Mexican drug cartels and a troubled Texas car salesman to blow up a crowded Georgetown restaurant just to kill one unimportant Saudi ambassador would stoop to anything. Bad food, Bibi intoned to Canada’s Stephen Harper, is no justification for murder and terrorism. Harper nodded emphatic agreement as his eyes scanned the photo of his wife on his desk, and Bibi immediately uttered a hearty “I hear, ya“.
Relations between the two right-wing leaders, Bibi and “Steve”, have been quite cozy ever since earlier this year Harper called Iran  the greatest threat to peace ever, in world history.

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