The Enigmatic Syrian Opposition: about the Jihadists………


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“This is not to say that Syria’s uprising is easy to understand, marked as it is by regional and sectarian interests, little to no central command and, yes, a paucity of clear information flows. It is undoubtedly the case that there’s a great deal that the US would like to know about the rebellion that remains out of reach. But that is a far different thing from driving blind. In the same Post article an unnamed “Middle Eastern intelligence official” implied that a great deal is understood, though he complained that vetting the rebel groups is “still in the very early stages.” The Post writes: “The foreign official cited concern that the opposition is at risk of becoming dominated by Islamists pushing for a Muslim Brotherhood government after Assad. ‘We think this is a majority view, at least among those who are fighting in the streets,’ the official said.”…………. There are also Islamist militants of a darker color, from a US perspective, at work in Syria. Jihadis more in the style of Al Qaeda are also operating inside the country. Veterans of the war against the US in Iraq have been involved in attacks on government forces, bringing with them the skills honed in building powerful improvised explosive devices (IEDs) around Iraqi cities like Fallujah………These fighters often stand apart from the FSA.………”

Actually the jihadist terrorist bombers, slitter of throats, choppers of heads and limbs do not stand that far apart from the FSA. As an example: Salafis and Wahhabis in the Gulf GCC states, mostly admirers of al-Qaeda, are always collecting money for the FSA. I suspect they would not be collecting money for them if it did not go to the benefit of their Salafi jihadist brethren, meaning al-Qaeda terrorists.

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