Heading to the Persian Gulf: Yates & Timoney, vandenHeuvel & Cheney, Mexican Killers, Jordanian Goons……

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Former British police boss John Yates and US ex-cop John Timoney will oversee reforms to Bahrain’s security force after a report found it guilty of human rights abuses, the Daily Telegraph reported Friday. Bahrain’s King Hamad has asked Yates, who quit as head of Britain’s Metropolitan police force in July over a phone-hacking scandal, and Timoney, former head of Miami police, to modernise its force in order to meet international human rights standards. “Bahrain’s police have some big challenges ahead, not dissimilar to those the UK itself faced only a couple of decades ago, but I have been impressed that the King is doing the right thing by pressing on with big reforms,” Yates told the British newspaper. “This is a big challenge which I will undertake with a great reforming police officer like John Timoney,” he added. A special independent commission probing Bahrain’s March crackdown on Shiite-led democracy protests said ………

About Bahrain: what will they do with all the humorless Jordanian interrogators and torturers the ruling al-Khalifa had imported from the sisterly king of Jordan? Will they send them back or will the Brits and Americans try to train them to better identify terrorists protesting for their rights? What about all the Pakistani mercenaries they have imported to help pillage villages, beat up people, threaten women with rape, and arrest the innocent? And all the Syrian and Iraqi Ba’athist mercenaries?

What Next for the Gulf region?

  • The Iranian mullahs could hire Katrina vandenHeuvel to help develop democratic institutions and help on women issues.

  • The Saudi princes may hire Liz Cheney to help the kingdom democratize and also to help improve the image of Islam and Muslims on her “Keep America Safe but Stupid” website.

  • The al-Nahayan potentates of Abu Dhabi, who also rule the United Arab Emirates, have decided on a different approach. They will finally take my advice and hire some veterans of the Mexican drug cartels to join their mercenary army. That army was announced last spring and is led by Blackwater bosses and composed of Colombians, Australians, white South Africans, among others.


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