Saudi Media Mourn Prince Sultan: Prince of Plenty………..

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in Saudi media have gone over the top in accolades to the late Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz al-Saud:
Sultan of Generosity and Plenty has departed…. Chief Editor of Asharq Alawsat (Prince Salman)

An Arab knight has dismounted. ALL Saudis called his Sultan of Generosity and Plenty…. Mamoun Fandy (Egyptian). No doubt his sons called him that, especially Prince Bandar who got “plenty” in bribes from BAE Systems.

Sultan the Insan (Sultan the Human)…… M. al-Rumaihi

When Iraq occupied Kuwait, Saudi Arabia confronted Iraq initially (alone) and later formed an alliance with 33 other countries….. Sameer Atallah (Lebanese): of course this man lies. Saudi media did not even mention that Iraq had occupied Kuwait until days later. The princes were literally shitting in their thobes until US Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney got there.

I hear tell that Saudi television networks, offshore and onshore, are extensively covering the funeral, not a common thing among Salafi Wahhabis.
They are all princes of “plenty”. They have all looted “plenty” of the resources of the people of the Arabian Peninsula. They all have plenty of progeny who continue to take and loot plenty.
Still, may he rest in peace.

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