Iran and Sudan, Libya and Zimbabwe: should NATO be Worried?………….

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Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday lauded the close ties between Tehran and Khartoum, and underlined that the two countries are resolved to boost mutual cooperation without any limit or boundary. Addressing a meeting between high-ranking delegations from Iran and Sudan, Ahmadinejad described the two countries’ ties as “brotherly, deep and stable”, and noted, “Having a deep and shared understanding of the current historical juncture and developments, the two countries are seeking to increase their cooperation at all levels and without any restrictions.”……….

The Iranians sure know how to pick them. So they lose friends and allies all around the world but gain Sudan.Big deal: Qaddafi also had great relations with Bob Mugabe; what good did it do him, unless he gets Ian Smith’s old ranch for his retirement? Somehow I don’t think that NATO will be too worried about this alliance. I suspect the Saudis will be more worried about this than the West, and not for any strategic power reasons. Their main worry is that the mullahs will start converting Sudanese to the Shi’a sect. These guys are as focused as the Iranians are, but for different reasons. Who said simplicity was bad?

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