Human Rights: GCC and Egypt and Jordan and Morocco, Terra Humorless…………..

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new rumor about inviting Egypt to join the Gulf GCC could be a way to inject some Egyptian humor into the GCC. Is it to offset Jordanian lack of humor? A humorous Egyptian to offset a surly Jordanian (some claim, probably unfairly, that is the only kind of Jordanian there is), although it might take more than even a sunny Egyptian or two to offset a truly surly Jordanian. Egypt would be a great candidate, humor-wise, to join the GCC. These eighty or ninety million humorous Egyptians will more than offset the 20 million or so GCC citizens who are mostly humorously-challenged (I admit) plus the five million totally humorless Jordanians and any among Moroccans who lack a sense of humor. (My knowledge of Moroccan humor is extremely limited, although I had some great fun with a couple of Moroccan friends I had met in Vienna when we were all younger. I also know something about Algerian humor: they are still waiting for it at the station).
Of course all this would not be relevant to the GCC if the citizens of the GCC were a little bit more humorous (actually if they were a lot more humorous). But we do have a trace of a sense of humor, which is an improvement over, say, Jordanians or even Syrians. (Did I ever write about my experience with Turkish humor? It is probably second only to Jordanian and Palestinian humor in terms of non-existence, but close enough to Syrian and Lebanese).
Anyway, let me cut the bull and say it: the GCC needs Egypt, especially now that it plans to expand into Jordanian territory, terra humorless.
Humor should be considered as a human right, even in Jordan.

But what about all the talk and other stuff about elections in Egypt? Will that mean the potentates of the Gulf will also have to run for their offices in elections? And how can, say, five thousand Saudi princes run for office? Will they have to introduce an elected office titled “prince”? Then the Bahrain and UAE potentates will have to run for the job of “shaikh”. Then wtf will the Omani potentates run for since they have neither princes not shaikhs?
Or will the Egyptians elect another absolute king and stay with him for another 30 years?


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