Breaking News: Prince Bandar Found Alive…………..

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Prince Bander Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud briefed the Prime Minister on the Saudi perception of the situation in the Gulf and Middle East and their stance on the current political developments in the region. The socio-economic difficulties in some areas of the Gulf and Middle East affected the political environment, he added. The process of dialogue started in some Gulf countries had helped to understanding the problems of the people, he said, adding dialogue and reconciliation is the only mean to move forward. He expressed confidence that the economic packages announced during the recent GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) meeting would help to bring about peace, prosperity and economic development of the entire region…….. Saudi Arabia, he reaffirmed, will always stand with Pakistan to confront any challenge and support any initiative to further expand the bilateral ties. Our thinking and approach on international issues have remained the same and would continue in future as well, he added……..

Breaking news!
Prince Bandar found alive! Alive but not sure how well.

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