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Yemen: A New UN World Order for Sale………

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“After weeks of closed-door negotiations between diplomats from Persian Gulf states and Russia, the Security Council on Tuesday imposed an arms embargo on the Houthi fighters battling for control of Yemen……….”

Mr. Jamal Benomar, the UN representative/negotiator for Yemen has decided to resign in frustration. Right after the latest meaningless UNSC resolution on Yemen.
The United Nations Security Council met over the war(s) in Yemen. They passed a resolution proposed by a gaggle of Arab princes and potentates. They sanctioned the Houthi “rebels” and former dictator Saleh and son. They called for reinstatement of former president Hadi (99.8% and LOL) whose term has actually expired. Hadi had also resigned anyway before he escaped from his old capital Sanaa to his new capital Aden from which he again escaped to somewhere else and ended up in his newest capital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The UN did not call for a cessation of the massive bombing by the Arab kings and princes of the cities of Yemen. The implication is that continued unabated bombing will bring the wild Houthis and their army allies to heel. And what are a few more Yemeni civilian dead? It has not worked out that way, not yet but they have their fingers crossed.

So the Earth’s most powerful countries, all weapons exporters, met and approved the fact that a couple of the richest ruling absolute tribal dynasties are bombing the hell out of one of the poorest Arab countries, the poorest Arab country outside of Africa. Yemen. The UN did not even have the gumption to call for an end to the savage bombing by the best weapons the West can manufacture and sell (and guide to their targets) to the princes.

P.S.: How about appointing a tame former unstatesmanlike statesman, like Tony Blair, as Yemen mediator? He could do no worse than he did for the “Middle East” or Palestinian issue, can he? Which was nothing. Nothing can be better than some things.

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