The World Turned Upside Down: UAE as an Occupation Power in Jordan……..

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known as the home of military bases for several foreign countries, as well as at least one international mercenary force. With a native population that hovers around 1 million, it is an unlikely candidate to establish military bases abroad. Yet such are the vagaries of this Wahhabi age of ISIS (ISIL, DAESH, WTF) that the reports tell us the Emirates will now have an air base in the humorless kingdom of Jordan. That is reportedly considered one way to insure safer bombing runs over the Caliphate of ISIS. Safer for the pilots.

Jordan, for its part does not have military bases abroad, per se. Why ‘per se‘? That is because the Humorless Kingdom of Jordan is an active supplier of armed mercenaries, interrogators, and torturers to some of the Gulf states. It has that kind of armed presence especially in Bahrain but also the UAE.

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