Liberators of Syria: a Few Senators, a Gaggle of Absolute Potentates, and Salafis……..

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Senator Lindsey Graham was on (CNN) last evening, telling Erin Burnett that he just got back from Saudi Arabia where he met commanders and leaders of the Free Syrian Army. Commanders who are allegedly striving to free Syria from bases in the free democratic bastion that is Saudi Arabia.

I did not realize that the Free Syrian Salafi Army still survived anywhere outside the imagination of a handful of senators, and maybe some motels along the Turkish border. The FSA, which is on its last leg, and its Saudi trainers(?) told him that Assad is selling oil for ISIS, or was it buying from ISIS, or something to that effect. Maybe that is so. They also told him a bunch of other “stuff” about the region, especially Syria. They apparently forgot to tell him about the role of Turkey and the Saudis and others in the continued the growth of the terrorist Caliphate of ISIS.

Graham insisted on re-opening the file on U.S. military intervention in Syria. That is his pet project, he and Senator McCain. He seemed to be saying something to the effect that “Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Turkey are ready to send forces into Syria to liberate it“. Turkey? Turkey has so far refused to join the coalition: it still allows Jihadis to cross freely into Syria (including one Hayat Boumedienne). The UAE doesn’t have enough native people to patrol its own streets; unless it lends its foreign mercenaries. Saudi forces were defeated by the ragtag tribal Houthis only three years ago.

The senator added that only no-fly zones are needed from the US. No-fly zones against Bashar Al Assad, not against ISIS. A simple and reasonable demand, no?
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