Egypt Salafi Leader Bans World Cup, Urges ‘Funner’ Diversions…….


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“Vice-Chief of the Salafi Dawa Yasser Borhamy has issued a religious edict, saying that Muslims are forbidden from watching football matches in the World Cup as it could be seen as admiring disbelievers. In his edict posted on Ana Salafi, the official website of the Salafi Dawa, Borhamy said, “the World Cup matches distract Muslims from performing their [religioius] duties. They include forbidden things that could break the fast in Ramadan as well as others fobidden in Islam like intolerance and wasting time. Football lovers like disbelievers of foreign teams’ players and others, which is rejected.” Borhamy also called on football lovers to focus on their religion and stay away from such forbidden things……………”
FYI: he was kidding when he said that intolerance is forbidden (it is, but not for Salafis).

The shaggy Salafi leader was asked: “In that case what can we do in the evenings for fun instead?“.
He is reported by my eccentric reporter to have winked, cracked a lascivious smile, and replied: “If you need me to tell you about fun, then you are as hopeless as a Shi’a in Mosul“.

Then he added: “There is at least one other thing that is ‘funner’ than watching a bunch of other guys kicking a FIFA ball around“.