One More War: On America in Syria, Bigoted Shaikh Al Qaradawi, and Russia in the Near Abroad…………


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The bigoted Shaikh Yusuf Al Qaradawi of Egypt and Qatar, the Nazi-admiring cleric has recently called for a sectarian Jihad in Syria. It is interesting that his call has been heeded by none other than the Obama administration. Supplying weapons and training is not supposed to be “direct” involvement yet, the Iranians and Russians do that too. But the next stage may be set by the Shadow President of the United States, John McCain, who has not met a war he did not like since his days of bombing Vietnamese villages. That nest stage might be a no-fly zone, without the UN approval, and hence an illegal no-fly zone. Who knows, maybe the Russians will learn from the West and start their own illegal no-fly zones in the countries of the “Near Abroad”. The Caucasus region has a plethora of opportunities.
Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, buoyed by the Obama move (or maybe is it the McCain move), also declared Jihad in Syria. The Saudi Crown Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz (owner of the Asahrq Alawsat newspaper) called Shaikh Al Qaradawi to personally congratulate him for calling for a sectarian war in the Middle East.