O Strange Canada: is the Regime Going Arab or More Fascist or Both?……………


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“Last month, we reported on Saudi Arabia banning the Guy Fawkes masks popularized by the movie V for Vendetta, which have been a staple of populist protests from Occupy Wall Street to the Arab Spring, and now the Taksim Square protests in Turkey. The Canadian ban is a bit different — but just as strange. The new law, which takes effect immediately, makes it illegal to wear a mask in Canada “during a riot or unlawful assembly.” (Because apparently Canadian laws against rioting aren’t dissuasive enough?) Those caught wearing masks during riots could spend up to six months in jail, not including additional charges for rioting; masked miscreants caught “inciting” a riot face a potential 10-year sentence. CBC reports that “exceptions can be made if someone can prove they have a ‘lawful excuse’ for covering their face such as religious or medical reasons.” Does that include dust masks to prevent getting sick at crowded, dirty protests? Balaclavas so protesters don’t freeze on cold Canadian nights? Handkerchiefs to stave off the inhalation of tear gas? Do fake beards,………………..”

Okay, the Canadian regime of Stephen Harper et al has been moving to the extreme right steadily. Now it is close to crossing one of these Red Lines that the media and politicians like to throw around. It is in the good company of the despotic regimes of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, among others. Some Arabs even claim that the Harper government is the most Likud-nik regime outside of Israel (they forgot about the US Congress).