MENA Medical: Why You Should Never Faint in Algeria……………


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“An old Algerian woman who was presumed dead and taken for burial opened her eyes and woke up just after mourners placed her in the grave, prompting most of them to flee, a newspaper in the North African Arab country reported. The woman, in her 70s, was carried out of the coffin and placed inside her grave in the cemetery in the tiny eastern town of El Mahmal. When one mourner uncovered her face to read the final Koran verse, she opened her eyes and began to breath……………“Most of the mourners fled the cemetery while a handful of religious old men stayed there and called people back to announce the woman is still alive,” it said. “They then lifted her out of the grave and carried her back home, where the woman’s funeral was turned into a celebration.”….. .……”

Apparently it can be dangerous to faint in some places. Before you faint, make sure you write on your chest: “I am not dead, just fainted”. Otherwise, you might end up either dead or a miracle.