Bahrain Uprising: Revolting Authorities, People in Revolt, Writing on the Wall………


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“The Information Affairs’ Authority (IAA) has issued a statement today in which it revealed that some internet webpages and social media accounts in Bahrain circulated news about direct threats being sent by terrorist gangs and saboteurs to various individuals, groups, families, workers, shops and companies intended to compel citizens and residents to stay at home and refrain from going to work or business as usual on Thursday February, 14, 2013 in a desperate bid to forcibly impose a de facto public strike in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Such threatening calls have been circulated in various foreign languages and posted alongside roads, streets and electric power pylons and included frightening images in order to scare citizens and residents and compel them to stay at home. The Information Affairs’ Authority has urged all Bahraini citizens and residents to cooperate with the relevant authorities in order to tackle these gangs of outlaws by reporting any threat received by citizens and residents intended to forcibly restrict their freedom……. The IAA urges all citizens and residents to report to the competent authorities ……………”

So said the Bahrain authorities request.
Yes but when there are no ‘competent authorities’, what are people to do? Clearly there are no competent authorities in Bahrain, only a ruling clan of despots and thieves and their security agents and imported foreign mercenaries and assorted minions. Revolting for certain, but not competent. So what are people to do? When the authorities are truly revolting, as is the case in Bahrain, then the people end up revolting.
Normally under these circumstances, people try to create their own “competent authorities”. People have have tried this throughout history: from the Abbasid Revolution to the American and French and Russian and Iranian Revolution(s). They are trying this method now in Arab states from Tunisia and Libya and Egypt and Syria and Yemen and Bahrain. It takes time, but the writing is on the wall.