Of Desperate Housemaids: a Death in Dubai, WTF………………


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“DUBAI // A maid who admitted stabbing a man to death now faces a further charge of having consensual sex. EK, a 28-year-old Ugandan, failed to appear before the Misdemeanour Court today to answer the sex charge, but court records show that she confessed in July to the premeditated murder of her compatriot SK. She told the Criminal Court that she killed the man in self defence on April 7 when he started chasing her around the building they were both living in. “I got scared and picked up a knife and stabbed him but I didn’t see where I stabbed him,” she told judge Hamad Abdul Latif……………The police major AA testified that when the woman appeared at Naif police station she was still screaming: “I killed somebody”. When officers searched her one bedroom apartment they found the knife used in the stabbing under her sofa. During the murder investigation she denied having sex with the man she stabbed. She told investigators that the only man she had sex with was another Ugandan man identified as M and that this happened one month before the killing. She said they had met at a Ugandan restaurant in Jumeirah and had sex twice afterwards. ….……..”

 A saga of EK and SK and AA and M and, finally, WTF. You’d think they are KGB or CIA or Bahraini Intelligence operatives. In Dubai, where interesting things do happen, especially inside Jumeirah restaurants, apparently.
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