Cherchez L’argent: Financing al-Qaeda from Syria and Iraq to Yemen and Beyond…………


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Speaking of this Wahhabi Spring and the resurgence of al-Qaeda (my last post): it takes a lot of money, hundreds of millions to finance these extensive operations. From recruitment and training of the terrorists, then transporting them into target countries (Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, etc), then finding shelter and food and weapons for them, then paying informants, then bribing locals to keep quiet. Then finding and paying for new wives for them in target countries. They can catch and rape local women by justifying it as legal booty of war, war slaves. They can always get one of their clerics, shaikhs, to justify the forced intercourse as legal use of war concubines, or jawari (the men are allowed to have sexual intercourse with their slaves, it is halal and kosher even if not cool).
So where do these hundreds of millions, billions over a few years, come from to finance these groups? Al-Qaeda terrorists don’t go around selling Lottery tickets, it ain’t considered kosher nor halal, and they presumably are not into the drug trade, not outside Afghanistan. Somebody with deep[ pockets can afford to finance them. Now who can that be?
Cherchez de l’argent
, stupid.