Al-Qaeda Terrorism in Syria, Yoda and the Salafis…………


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“Two suicide bombs exploded in Damascus yesterday, killing at least 55 people and wounding hundreds more in the single worst atrocity since the start of the Syrian uprising against President Bashar al-Assad’s rule last year. The massive rush-hour car bombings, which targeted a notorious branch of the Syrian secret police, sparked a round of claims and counter-claims, with the government blaming “terrorists”………..”

“William Hague condemned suicide bombings that killed at least 55 and injured 300 in the Syrian capital Damascus today and urged the regime to implement a full ceasefire. The Foreign Secretary said civilians continued to pay the price for its failure to end repression and violence despite agreeing to a United Nations peace plan. In the deadliest such terror attacks since the uprising against President Bashar Assad’s government 14 months ago, two explosions tore the front off a military intelligence building. The government and opposition blamed each other for the bloodshed but there were growing concerns that it was a sign that al Qaida-inspired terror groups were beginning to exploit the chaos…………….”

Would anybody commit suicide for the sake of keeping Bashar al-Assad or the Baath Party in power? The answer is clearly a resounding “nyet, nien, non, nope, na, la wa kalla”. On the other hand, Wahhabi Salafi youth, backed by the right fatwas of hate and financed by suspicious sources of money, and aspiring for rivers of wine and renewable energizer-bunny virgins, would go for it. Just as they did and still do in Iraq and before that in New York City.
This is something that others had warned about, as I did, over the past months. This is what happens when the Wahhabi princes and their money and their clerics get involved. The Syrian opposition started with legitimate grievances, they still have legitimate grievances, but once they handed their fate to the fundamentalists backed by Saudi and Qatari money, the die was cast.
William J Hague, pal and enabler of the butchers of Bahrain, is wrong here. Yoda is wrong. Whether the Assad regime stays or goes is now beside the point. Al-Qaeda will be around, terrorizing the towns and cities for as long as it can. The American withdrawal from Iraq has not stopped them, the fall of the Assad regime will not end their terrorism. The so-called Syrian opposition is so fragmented
and uncontrollable, that this campaign of terror will escalate and continue no matter who rules in Damascus.